EMERGENT IMPROVISED SCENEWORK is both a method as well as a performance style. It teaches students to pay attention to what is happening, not what's in their heads - not where you write plot, invent story and come up with a lot of exposition quickly - but to pay attention to what is happening BETWEEN all of the players. And within yourself. To find the deepest thread or current and learn to stay connected to that.

There are no suggestions, games, or set structure. Students must learn to trust what they feel to be "true" in order to know how to move. It's a muscle that you can learn to listen to to guide you, one you can trust and follow. It keeps you grounded, connected, and 'honest'. The goal is to relax, stop pushing, stop writing and let whatever needs to happen next EMERGE. And it does.


This is the only kind of improv I want to do. It completely changed how I perform in classes and shows. It makes improv so, so easy! And fun. And not sweaty and panicky, like it had been for so long. Honestly, I’m addicted.”
— Lynne (Second City, Improvolution, "Be a Good Little Widow"--LA cast)

EMERGENT IMPROVISED SCENEWORK is for improv students as well as acting students, because its benefits are invaluable and unique to both. The work enables you to be comfortable and confident in the present, connected to your instincts and emotions, and plugged into the collective -- where powerful, nuanced, and authentic co-creativity can occur. It makes your scenework - improvised or scripted - alive, engaging, and truthful. You learn to listen on many levels, simultaneously. And in the end, that's all you ever need to be doing: listening. To your instincts, your ideas, your character's wants & needs, what others are saying, what they're intending, what's happening in the space...all of it. It tells you everything you need to know,

I have found, personally, there is nothing else like it. I've been teaching it in NYC and LA for over 5 years now and the results, to me, are staggering and dynamic. I've seen timid, insecure, and wooden performers blossom. Actors who are stuck in a loop of "pushing" and indicating suddenly drop INTO themselves and find their character's there -- they are able in inhabit and move around AS them. Improvisers get out of their heads, stop writing, planning, and controlling. Underneath all of it, what I believe performers are tapping into is "truth". And when THAT becomes your reference point, your work AND your play cannot help but transform.


When I first heard about these classes, I was curious how not having anything spelled out could turn into something useful learning-wise, and interesting performing-wise. Well, it’s incredible because both happen. All of my bad habits have gone away and I know how to ‘surf the scene’ as Holly says...I can let go and there is something fascinating and honest always.
— Brad (Groundlings, iO West)





Email me below with the date you're interested in participating in. VENMO or PayPal is needed in advance, preferably upon signing up.


COST: $35 / 3 for $95
SATURDAYS, 10:30am-1:30pm


POLICY: There are no refunds but if you email before 24 before the class, you can use the credit towards another class. Within 24 hours, there are no credits extended unfortunately. However, you can always find a sub to take your spot should you not be able to attend.

A trusting, respectful environment is needed for this work. It's actually needed everywhere. So, basically, everyone is welcome except douchebags. If you behave in a douchebag manner, you will be asked to leave and that will be that.